Building An Empire of Ink, Part 1: How to Make Your Tattoo Business Stand Out

Chances are that when you started your tattoo business, you thought the hard part was over. After all, you just survived nearly drowning in an ocean of paperwork and regulations! However, the real hard part of owning tattoo shops is marketing them. There are more tattoo artists emerging each and every day, leaving you with a clear question: how can you make your tattoo business stand out?

The Art of Online

First off,  it’s vitally important that tattoo shops have an online presence. And not just any presence: you need to be highly active on Pinterest and Instagram.

Each of these forms of social media was designed to help people share art and other awesome visual images. And each platform serves a valuable purpose for your business.

Pinterest helps you show off your cool tattoos in an organic way. Users will discover your art when they are looking for inspiration, and if you’re lucky, your art might just “go viral”.

Instagram also makes it easy for others to share your artwork. On top of that, it provides an easy way for users to get in touch with you. By making your business easy to reach online, you’ll generate more leads for your tattoo business.

Seasonal Specials

The average man on the street has no idea how much tattoos cost. And if you ask, they’re likely to give you one answer: “too much!”

You can help dispel this myth by offering seasonal specials on certain tattoos. For instance, offering deals on small romantic tattoos on Valentine’s Day, or a selection of spooky tattoos on Friday the 13th or halloween.

This helps you generate buzz while also showing how affordable your services can be compared to other tattoo shops.

Diversify Your Services

Not all tattoo shops can take this next step. But if you can, it’s a real game-changer. What are we talking about? Adding services to your tattoo shop.

In addition to slinging ink and crafting cool tattoos, your shop could attract even more customers if you hire a piercer. This draws in new clientele while offering your original customers another service they may be interested in.

Plus, your business is your ultimate investment, and offering additional services is your way of diversifying that investment and making it stronger than ever!

Become a Community Leader

Many tattoo artists consider themselves gifted loners. If that’s you, we’ve got some sobering news. For your shop to succeed, you’ll need to become a community leader.

If your town has special community events, try to get yourself a booth or table at those events. Better yet, get in touch with community leaders and see if you can sponsor an event you know people will love.

This is basically a marketing trifecta for your business. For people that have never heard of your shop, this gives them a chance to know you personally. And for others that look down on tattoo shops, this is a chance to prove you are devoted to giving back to your community. Finally, these festivals are a perfect breeding ground for good word of mouth advertisement. And that’s the real-life blood of your success!

To Be Continued…

Now you know how to stand out from the other tattoo shops. But your journey isn’t over yet!

Keep coming back to Tattooing 101 as we continue our Building An Empire of Ink series and provide all that you need to succeed!

Jay Haussman