How To Become a Tattoo Artist In 13 Easy Steps

Learning how to become a tattoo artist can be intimidating, but the true challenge is in learning it properly...

Tattooing For Beginners: 9 Simple Steps

All of us that are passionate about tattooing and wanted to learn the “fast and easy way.” But the...

The 4 Secrets to a Successful Tattoo Business

For many tattoo artists, owning a shop is a dream come true.  But, owning a business is about more...
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How To Become a Tattoo Artist In 13 Easy Steps
Tattoo Instruction
Tattooing For Beginners: 9 Simple Steps
Tattoo Business
The 4 Secrets to a Successful Tattoo Business

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This includes not only the process of tattooing, but also about what it takes to become a tattoo artist the right and safe way. Before anyone can become a tattoo artist, a good understanding and background knowledge of the process, the equipment and safety procedure is vital. On this website, we will cover various aspects on the subject of tattooing from techniques, to equipment, to tattoo flash, even aspects such as getting your license and paying taxes as an artist, it's all here.

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Tattoo Artist Tips

The Five Foundations of Becoming a Tattoo Artist the Right WayFeatured

Tattoo GirlThere are so many paths that lead to a career as a professional tattoo artist, and one of the only things they have in common is the belief that the path one person took is the BEST path for everyone.  This really isn’t true, or else there wouldn’t be so many ways to end up in the industry.

So, this article isn’t saying that this is the “only” way to fulfill the dream of becoming a tattoo artist. Instead, it’s offering advice on what is a tried-and-true method for how to get to where you want to be.

Following a path along these lines provides a good progression toward becoming a tattoo artist…

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Ötzi and the World’s Oldest Tattoos

otzi discover magazine

Image from Discover Magazine

If you have tattoos, you’ve probably had “concerned” friends and family ask that annoying question: “what will those tattoos look like when you’re older?”

It turns out we now have evidence that they’ll look pretty damn cool. And it’s all thanks to Ötzi the Iceman!

Want to learn more about this ancient dude and his dozens of tattoos? Keep reading to discover all his secrets!

Initial Discovery

otzi smithsonian

Image from Smithsonian Magazine

Relatively speaking, Ötzi was discovered a long time ago. A couple of tourists in the Italian Alps found his remains inside a glacier back in 1991.

It turned out that he was older than anyone imagined: 5,300 years old! Furthermore, he was absolutely covered in tattoos.

The latest estimate has Ötzi at a whopping 61 tattoos. While that’s cool in and of itself, it turns out that these tattoos really tell his life’s story.

Tattoo Therapy


Image from Cultura Colectiva

Obviously, many people get tattoos for different reasons. Some people are honoring loved ones or memorializing the past. Others just want to look really damn cool.

It turns out that Ötzi’s main tattoo goal may have been a happier and healthier life. Some of the scientists studying the iceman found that many of his tattoos (made with charcoal, incidentally, instead of ink) line up with popular acupuncture areas on the human body.

Now, scientists cannot be absolutely certain of this because of the extreme age of the body. But some researchers are convinced that Ötzi’s tattoos helped him receive acupuncture. This is pretty wild because that would mean Ötzi was getting acupuncture over two thousand years before the first known use of that particular therapy!

Modern Medicine Man

otzi discover magazine 2

Image from Discover Magazine

For the longest time, scientists struggled to find out exactly what time period Ötzi belonged to. It turns out that his tattoos may have been an important clue pointing to the answer.

Even if he and his people didn’t practice acupuncture, it’s clear that the tattoos mark areas where his body was suffering. This meant that his people were interested in studying and ultimately finding ways to treat the human body.

That extended beyond the tattoos as well. His body was found with fern in his stomach (possibly used to treat issues like tapeworms), and his tools had special fungi tied to them that may have had antibiotic purposes.

All in all, it looks like Ötzi is a relic of our Copper age, and he (and his tattoos) have helped us understand that time period.

Something Just for Show


Image from Cultura Colectiva

Earlier, we mentioned that Ötzi had 61 tattoos. And it looks like most of them line up with areas where he was suffering and needed medical help.

What about the final tattoo? More recently, scientists discovered several tattoos clustered around Ötzi’s heart. And as near as they could tell, this area was not in bad shape like the other areas were.

While it’s possible that these tattoos were meant to treat something we can no longer detect (like mild chest pain), there is another possibility. Maybe Ötzi discovered how awesome chest tattoos could look thousands of years before Millennials would perfect the look?

Ötzi: Final Thoughts

You’ve learned a lot about Ötzi the Iceman and his cool tattoos. But do you know how to stay on top of the latest news in the world of ink?

Be sure to bookmark Tattooing 101 and visit us every week for news, reviews, and unforgettable articles!

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Tattoo Facts

Roger Stone’s Tattoo of Richard Nixon

roger stone back tattoo

Image from the New York Times

Here at Tattooing 101, we like to stay out of politics. As far as we’re concerned, we’ll stick to ink and politicians can stick to empty promises!

Every now and then, though, the worlds of politics and tattoos collide. And that’s the case with Roger Stone.

This former aide to both President Trump and President Nixon recently made news when he was arrested as part of Robert Mueller’s investigation. However, the real news is his giant Richard Nixon tattoo!

Want to know how this weird Roger Stone tattoo happened? Keep reading to learn the secrets!

Why a Nixon Tattoo?

roger stone hands up

Image from the Miami Herald

Generally speaking, Richard Nixon isn’t a beloved American icon. So why would Roger Stone bother to get a super-prominent tattoo of a disgraced former president?

The short answer is “loyalty.” Stone helped get Nixon elected and then worked as part of Nixon’s administration. And even all these years later, he’s the first to defend Richard Nixon as both a man and a president.

You can certainly argue with his politics. However, it’s hard to disagree with the idea we should all be lucky to have friends this loyal!

More Than a Tattoo

roger stone man cave

Image from the BBC

Of course, Stone’s love of Nixon goes far beyond his legendary tattoo. It’s also represented inside Stone’s home.

There is a Netflix documentary entitled Get Me Roger Stone that gives us a look inside Stone’s home. In it, we see a Man Cave…but one unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The room is all about Nixon. We’re talking campaign photos, posters, and even some Nixon-inspired bongs!

Weirdly Inspirational

roger stone looking like the riddler

Image from Wonkette

While loyalty is all well and good, the question remains for many people: what was actually good about Nixon in Stone’s eyes? Why would he immortalize “Tricky Dick” with a Richard Nixon tattoo?

To hear Roger Stone tell it, Nixon is actually a weirdly inspirational figure. According to him, Nixon is a vivid reminder that life will knock all of us down from time to time. And the important thing is to get back up after it happens.

It’s quite possible Stone is the only one who sees Nixon like that. But hey–we’ve heard weirder inspirations for wild tattoos.

A Romantic Hit

roger stone inauguration day

Image from Ivy Style

For many years, tattoos on the back have been associated with intimacy. These aren’t the tattoos that just anybody is going to see; instead, that sight is typically reserved for someone who sees you with your shirt off (just ask anyone with a so-called “tramp stamp” on their lower back).

You might be wondering how Stone’s romantic partners feel when they see Nixon staring at them from his back. According to Stone, the tattoo is a major hit. In his unfortunately memorable words, ladies love to hear him say, “You’ll never meet another man with a dick in the front and a Dick in the back.”

Wild quotes like that are just one more reason that Stone is a fascinating figure no matter what your politics are!

Roger Stone Tattoo: Final Thoughts

Now you know the story behind that wild Roger Stone tattoo of Nixon. But do you know where you can get the rest of your crazy tattoo news?

Be sure to bookmark Tattooing 101 as we bring you all the weirdest and wildest news from the world of ink!

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Fingernail Tattoos (and Were Too Afraid to Ask)

fingernail tat 2

Image from Revelist

We like to bring you the latest in tattoo trends every week. This week, we’re shining a spotlight on something truly special: fingernail tattoos.

Most kinds of tattoos are easy to understand. However, these tattoos come in many different forms, and plenty of people get them for different reasons.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading to discover the secrets about fingernail tattoos!

The Basics

fingernail tat 1

Image from Metro

How do fingernail tattoos work? The most basic ones work exactly the way you would think: the tattoo artist puts the ink on a person’s fingernails instead of their skin.

There are a few big benefits to this kind of tattoo. First of all, it’s pretty painless: most people compare the process to removing nail polish. So, if you’re skittish about tattoo pain, this can be a good tattoo to get.

And second, these tattoos are very eye-catching. People will notice your colorful fingernails right away. If you are someone who likes to move their hands a lot when you talk, then the effect can be absolutely dazzling.

There is one obvious downside (though to some, it’s more of a blessing). Your fingernails are constantly growing. Therefore, no fingernail tattoos will last all that long. Within a few months—maybe less—no one will ever know you had a tattoo there.

An Extreme Option


Image from BME

Some people opt for a more extreme version of fingernail tattoos. These tattoos are actually underneath the fingernail instead of on top of it.

The biggest issue with this kind of tattoo is that your nail needs to be partially or fully removed first. While it’s possible to have a medical professional do this for you, most people who get tattoos in their fingernail bed do so after a damaged nail falls off.

Also, while a tattoo on top of your fingernail is pretty painless, a tattoo under your fingernail is extremely painful. In fact, this is one of the most painful areas to get ink done!

Finally, consider the obvious fact that the nail will eventually grow back. If you want to keep such a tattoo visible to other people, you’ll need to continue removing the nail.

All we can say to this? “Ouch!”

The Fake Fingernail Tattoos

catalano tattoo

Image from Riverfront Times

So far, we’ve focused on people getting tattoos over or under their fingernails. But these tattoos can be especially useful for those who don’t have fingernails at all!

Recently, Mark Bertram’s story (and his tattoos) went viral. Basically, he had two fingers that had been surgically shortened after an accident, and those shorter fingers lacked fingernails. He felt self-conscious about people looking at his hand.

That’s when inspiration struck. He had a local tattoo artist tattoo some fake fingernails directly to the ends of his fingers. And Bertram’s story has helped make the tattoo artist famous.

His ink was done by Eric Catalano. Previously, Catalano had used art to reconstruct nipples and areolas on cancer survivors. Thanks to the fingernail tattoos, he’s now got a rep as a body mod expert!

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve learned more about fingernail tattoos. But do you know where to learn about even crazier tattoo stories?

Be sure to bookmark Tattooing 101 to stay up to date on all things ink!


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Tattoo Facts

Tattooing Over Stretch Marks and Scar Tissue

stretch mark tattoo laying down

Image from Pinterest

Most people think of tattoos as a way of showing off parts of your body. But did you know they also work to cover up things you don’t want people to see?

It’s true: many people are tattooing over stretch marks and scar tissue with their dream designs. The final result allows them to look awesome while feeling more comfortable in their own skin.

Want to learn more about the process? Keep reading to discover everything about it!

Size Matters

pregnant tattoo

Image from Authority Tattoo

Is tattooing over stretch marks and scars possible? The short answer is “yes.” The longer answer is, “you may be getting a bigger tattoo than you imagined.”

Basically, the size of what you are covering up determines the size of the tattoo. Someone who has really long stretch marks, for instance, might end up with a really long horizontal tattoo.

Once you’ve decided you definitely want the tattoo, you have a few options available to you.

Different Options

self love stretch mark tattoo

Image from Love What Matters

An option that many people don’t consider is to have a tattoo artist use flesh-colored ink. In this way, the tattoo becomes a kind of permanent cosmetic cover up of the stretch marks or scar tissue.

Others use this as an opportunity to get the tattoo of their dreams. Having to get a larger tattoo then becomes an opportunity instead of an obstacle because it allows someone to get the kind of large and complex tattoo that will instantly get someone’s attention in a positive way.

Regardless of the tattoo option you choose, there are a few factors you should be aware of before you go to the tattoo artist.

A Few Things to Know

flesh colored tattoo

Image from Allure

First of all, you’ll need to make sure the stretch marks or scar tissue are healed before going to the tattoo artist. This helps protect your body while also making the tattoo work easier.

That’s because healed stretch marks tend to be more faded and easier to “hide” inside of a tattoo. Meanwhile, newer stretch marks tend to be purple or red: it’s harder to hide those colors, and you may not want the kind of vibrant tattoo it would take to incorporate bright red and purple into it.

In addition to color, you should note whether the stretch marks are raised up from the skin or not. When these marks are flat, it’s easier to disguise them with a tattoo. Raised stretch marks are harder to work with, though they may flatten out as they heal.

The Occasional Touch-up

floral stretch mark tattoo

Image from Inked Mag

Ever had a tattoo touch-up? It’s a simple idea: instead of giving you a new tattoo, the artist can add color and depth to old tattoos that appear faded or damaged.

We’re bringing that up because tattoos over scars or stretch marks may become damaged over time, especially if more stretch marks should appear in the same area of the original tattoo.

There’s nothing wrong with getting tattoos touched up (we recommend doing it to keep ink looking fresh), but you should know this is a possibility.

Tattooing Over Stretch Marks: Final Thoughts

Now you’ve learned all about tattooing over stretch marks. But do you know where to learn more secrets about the tattoo industry?

At Tattooing 101, we bring you the latest news from the empire of ink. Be sure to bookmark this site so you can stay in the loop!

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The Complete Guide to Jason Momoa’s Tattoos


Image from Inked Mag

Jason Momoa is famous for his tattoos. And the Jason Momoa tattoos aren’t limited to his fictional characters, either: in real life, the superstar is rocking some really cool ink all over his body.

Want to learn the scoop about all of his onscreen and offscreen tattoos? Then keeping going to discover our deep, Aquaman-esque dive into the world of Jason Momoa tattoos.

Khal Drogo

khal drogo

Image from Unilad

Much of the world first discovered Jason Momoa when he played Khal Drogo on the hit TV show Game of Thrones. In addition to his muscled build, the first thing people notice about this character are his tattoos.

Within the show, the primary purpose of the tattoos were to make Momoa look even meaner and sleeker than he already did, especially when the character was fighting. And this character ended up being very inspirational in the tattoo community: plenty of people have tattoos of phrases and symbols from his onscreen people, the Dothraki!



Image from IGN

When we first saw onscreen Aquaman, a few fans were confused. This super-tattooed superhero didn’t look a lot like his comic counterpart.

There are a few reasons for this, though. First, both director Zack Snyder and Momoa himself wanted Aquaman to represent Polynesian culture, and the extreme amount of body tattoos helped to do so.

In addition to generally representing this culture, Momoa’s Aquaman tattoos show him to be a fearsome warrior. Some of the tats include spearheads all over his arms that help to highlight a simple fact: this guy is a living weapon!

Finally, on a practical level, all those Aquaman tattoos help to cover up Momoa’s real tattoos.

El Diablo?

jason momoa finger tattoo

Image from Instagram

One of the simpler Jason Momoa tattoos is the one on his finger that reads “Diablo.” Don’t worry, though: it’s not as sinister as it sounds.

Momoa has said that this tattoo honors a friend who passed away. And he shows it off pretty often by flipping off the press!

Drinking Like a Fish

jason momoa matching arm tattoos

Image from Instagram

In the DCEU movies, we see that Aquaman loves some hard liquor. It turns out that Momoa does as well.

Look on his right arm and you can see a tattoo in French that reads “etre toujours ivre.” What’s it mean? “To be always drunk,” of course.

Gypsy Pride


Image from Pop Sugar

The right arm is pretty busy for Jason Momoa tattoos. The other side reads “Pride of Gypsies.” Why this strange tattoo? It happens to be the name of Momoa’s creator-centric production company.

Family Ties

jason momoa family tattoo

Image from Instagram

Sorry, ladies and gentlemen: Jason Momoa is tied down pretty firmly as a family man. Not only does he have a lovely wife, but he’s used ink to memorialize his children.

They stay close to his heart, quite literally: their names are inked directly on his chest.

The Real Aquaman

aquaman instagram

Image from Instagram

Arguably, the most noticeable Jason Momoa tattoo is on his left arm. It is a full sleeve of triangles that take up nine entire rows.

It’s a very striking look, and you’ll see it onscreen as well. Look closely, and you’ll notice this real tattoo has been integrated into his Aquaman look.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Now you know the scoop on Jason Momoa’s tattoos. But where can you get the rest of the news you can use?

Be sure to bookmark Tattooing 101 for the latest and greatest news from the world of all things ink.

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Tattoo Facts

Everything You Need to Know About the Jagua Tattoo

jagua back tattoo

Image from Green Leaf Henna

The hottest new trend in the world of tattoos is the jagua tattoo. In fact, this tattoo is so hot with so many people that you may be afraid to admit you don’t know much about it.

Don’t worry, though: we’re here to keep your street credit alive by telling you everything you need to know about the jagua tattoo!

What Is a Jagua Tattoo?


Image from Earth Henna

First off, a jagua tattoo isn’t like a traditional tattoo. Instead of using standard ink, these tattoos are made from a special fruit extract known as “jagua.” And in many ways, this isn’t a new idea.

In fact, many cultures have used jagua to decorate their bodies for several centuries. It’s only recently become a big deal in North America and Europe, though, creating a trend that’s now sweeping the rest of the world.

Another thing you should know about jagua: it’s different from henna tattoos.

How Is It Different From a Henna Tattoo?

jagua clock tattoo

Image from Arfa Iqbal

The idea of temporary tattoos isn’t new, either. In fact, many people have enjoyed rocking some cool henna tattoos over the years. That brings us to an important question: just how is jagua different from henna?

It turns out these tats are different in several ways. On a basic level, jagua comes from a fruit whereas henna comes from a plant. Accordingly, they come from different climates: henna comes from a desert plant while jagua is more of a tropical thing (hence the areas where it was originally popular such as South America).

On a functional level, jagua can be a bit more convenient. After about two hours, it will stay on your skin for a good, long time. Although the jagua gel itself can take longer to dry than henna does.

Is the Jagua Tattoo Safe?

jagua arm tattoo

Image from Pinterest

Another big money question about jagua: are these kinds of tattoos safe? Generally speaking, the answer is “yes.”

One of the jagua selling points is that it is all-natural. In fact, in the cultures where it originated, it has even been used for many medicinal purposes.

Basically, the only way that jagua can be harmful is if you are already allergic to the fruit that it comes from. However, this is not a common allergy at all.

How Long Does It Last?

jagua wrist tattoo

Image from Miami Henna and Jagua Temporary Tattoos

Like henna, jagua tattoos are often referred to as “temporary” tattoos. Before you shell out cash for a cool gel tattoo, though, you may be wondering just how temporary these tattoos really are.

On average, these tattoos typically last between ten days and two weeks. However, some people can make them last as much as three weeks and as little as one week. If you really want it to last a while, try to avoid taking hot baths or swimming in pools filled with chlorine.

The Bottom Line

Now you know all about the jagua tattoo. But do you know where to get the rest of the latest and greatest news in the world of ink?

Be sure to bookmark Tattooing 101 to stay on top of every tattoo trend!

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Tattoo Facts

Everything You Need to Know About Wrist Tattoos for Men


Image from Nomad Revelations

It’s not always easy to be a dude. Take tattoos, for instance. Many guys want to get a cool tattoo, but they worry that they’ll get something weird and unfashionable. And then the worst part: you’re stuck with it forever!

To help the fellas out, we keep an eye on emerging tattoo trends. One of the biggest trends now is wrist tattoos for men. Wondering if this could be the right tattoo for you? Keep reading to discover our awesome guide!

Not Over the Top


Image from Net Luxury

If you’re on the fence about getting a tattoo, you probably don’t want to get something huge and intimidating. And that’s part of what makes wrist tattoos for men such a great choice.

These tattoos can be as subtle as you want them to be. In fact, an inner wrist tattoo is about as discreet as ink can ever be.

However, the tattoo is still easy to show off to your friends. In this way, it’s the perfect combination of stealth and style.

Can Scale Up


Image from Pacho Tattoo

Sometimes, people see those awesome sleeve tattoos and think it all happened at once. However, the very best sleeves are built up over time, making someone’s arm a kind of living work of art.

Wrist tattoos can actually be a great foundation for bigger tattoos down the line. As an example, you might get a subtle wrist tattoo that you eventually turn into a more prominent forearm tattoo. That’s our favorite kind of tat: ink that can grow on you while you grow on it!

Great Icebreaker

wrist tattoo

Image from

Some dudes are just naturally introverted. There’s nothing wrong with that—until you’re trying to make new friends. Many guys would kill just to have an easy way to start a conversation.

Well, good news: wrist tattoos for men make for a natural icebreaker! Like we said before, these are subtle enough that you can usually hide them from a picky employer. But they are also prominent enough that anyone you meet will see it pretty quickly.

From that point, you get to engage in a time-honored tattoo tradition: telling a new person the cool story behind your ink.

Good Size


Image from Amazing Tattoo Ideas

The final reason that we really dig wrist tattoos is that the wrist is a perfect size for a cool tattoo image. You might think the area is too small, but there’s room for anything you can dream up.

Some people get religious or cultural symbols on there. Others squeeze in a favorite quote. Heck, you’ve even got the perfect amount of room on there to get one of those trendy Soundwave tattoos.

At the same time, your wrist is a small enough area that it won’t take the tattoo artist too long to complete everything. If this is your first tat and you’re nervous about how long things might take, then a wrist tattoo is perfect for you.

Wrist Tattoos For Men: Final Thoughts

Now you know all about wrist tattoos for men and why they are so hot right now. But do you know how else you can stay on top of the hottest trends?

At Tattooing 101, we’re all about news and reviews of all things ink. Be sure to bookmark this site so you can stay on top of the scene from now on.

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