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Here's what we teach


It doesn't matter if you're an amateur just starting out or a seasoned pro with years of experience, mastery of fundamental tattoo techniques is what gets you to the next level.

Learn proper sanitation, shop etiquette, as well as the foundations of tattoo needle making, ink mixing, and everything else to keep your skills sharp.


Now that you have the foundations of setting up and taking care of your equipment it's time to move into tattoo techniques.

We cover everything: traditional, black and grey, Japanese, you name it. Not only do we break down the concepts but we bring in artists from around the world who specialize in just that style so you can ask them questions one on one.


Now that you have a world class portfolio, a license, and a bit of experience you're ready to move into your first (or next) tattoo shop.

This section of the program is about getting you, and your work, ready for that move. We get into guest spots, consumer psychology, and more than you can imagine. What are you waiting for?

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but what about?

Are you teaching scratchers to tattoo in their kitchens?

Absolutely not, our focus is to safely and effectively get artists into a licensed shop and become a professional. Our priority is teaching sanitation, cleanliness, as well as filling the gaps in a traditional apprenticeship through our online video library, engaged community, and live mentoring calls.

Why teach artists in this space?

I've been tattooing for more than a decade, and in that time I've studied for an art degree, business degree, helped build and open several shops, and traveled the world meeting artists and business professionals alike. I've distilled this information and leveraged my professional relationships to create the industry leading information you see here. It's time for the tattoo industry to get caught up with the 21st century and information age.

What is this program about?

At the basic membership level we have an online library which teaches foundational and advanced techniques, and includes an online community where you can post your work and get feedback, as well as live calls with business and tattoo professionals. We're adding new content each and every week, and showcasing our students work as they go out and make a name for themselves in the industry.

Are we just here to learn about tattoo techniques?

No. We do have lots of new content on traditional as well as cutting edge tattoo techniques, but Tattooing 101 is about SO much more than that. I'm bringing my experience working with multi million dollar corporations to cover things such as psychology, investing, branding, and business development. We want you create incredible tattoos, but we don't want you to be lost when it comes to retirement or basic business concepts either.

I'm so overwhelmed, how do I get started?

This is the most common question we get, and why we've gone to great lengths to create frameworks that walk you through each stage in your tattoo career. Whether you're an apprentice just trying to wrap your head around foundational techniques, or a shop owner thinking about retirement, we've been there, documented the process, and are here to walk you through your own journey.

Why is this so cheap?

Several reasons. I've been a struggling apprentice, and I'm a well fed artists as well as business professional. By keeping the membership super affordable I'm able to reach many more students, and launch new material weekly. In this way I'm able to constantly update and expand the material to craft a course PERFECT for you. It won't be this way forever. Once we've covered most topics, the mastermind will convert to a closed program. Take advantage while you can, see you on the inside.

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Join the Tattooing 101 Community today and get free, instant access to tools and resources that take you behind the curtain of all things tattooing. From apprentice to shop owner, we've got you covered.